The New & Improved Banff Gondola

You might have heard that the Banff Gondola recently did a renovation…a 26 million dollar renovation. Having not been up the Gondola in a couple of years, I wanted to check it out.  I was quite impressed with the new facility; it has a modern look and is brightly lit with natural light.

The new interpretive displays are fantastic, and perfect for visitors of all ages. The new restaurant and lounge up top is also incredible. Definitely the best view in Banff to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer.

I highly recommend checking out the renovations for yourself, but until then, I will tide you over with some photos:


5 thoughts on “The New & Improved Banff Gondola

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  2. The views are incredible! Looks like you had a nice weather day too. We were really impressed with the Canadian National Parks – clean, well-run facilities with not too bad of a background!


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