Tool Shed Brewing Co


Most breweries are located in an industrial area of whatever city they are in, and whenever I am driving to a visit a new brewery, I often find myself wondering if I am in the right area. Looking for Tool Shed Brew Co is no different; while the place is easy enough to find with a GPS, th14595767_10210799329289032_4400131341679458569_ne area doesn’t look like the home of a beautiful brewery.

From the outside, Tool Shed kind of lives up to its name… its pretty non-descript, black square letters on grey siding. But when you open the door, you will be blown away. Warm barn board and pretty string lights make the place incredibly home-y.

The first ever beer I had ever from Tool Shed was People Skills Cream Ale, and it remains my favourite. Its an easy drinker, smooth but flavourful.


The Brewery also has a room for large parties


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