Camp Yoga – Canmore

I found out about Camp Yoga entirely by accident. I was wandering down Whyte avenue in Edmonton with my mother in July and we swung into YEG Cycle to take a peek at their gear. As we were checking out, I noticed a postcard on the counter advertising Camp Yoga, in three different locations all across Canada: Parry Sound – Ontario, Gibsons – BC, and Canmore – Alberta, a.k.a. basically my back yard.


I carried that postcard around in my purse for a couple of weeks, and came across it again when looking for something else. I decided to check it out online, and once I got to the website, I saw that they were looking for photographers for the event. A couple of emails later, and I was in!

The camp itself was last weekend, and what an experience. I have always been a casual yogi. I’ve practiced yoga off and on since I went to my first class at the age of 12 with my mom but am by no means very good at it. I will openly admit that I don’t know all the names of all the poses, I don’t know what all the yoga vocab means and I had no idea what to expect from the weekend, but there were so many different things to try, way more than just yoga, so I was pretty excited for the weekend.


Friday dawned bright and sunny; I double and triple checked all my camera gear and then headed out to YMCA Camp Chief Hector, where Camp Yoga was being hosted. All the yogis started rolling in around 11:00 and the opening ceremonies were at 11:30 on the lawn. All the different instructors took a few minutes to welcome the participants, putting them through a quick workout routine, showing off their individual teaching style. Everyone hugged, fist bumped, burpee-d and danced before heading off to lunch.


Lunch was served very much camp style: picnic tables in a giant mess hall and everyone made new friends. After lunch, the activities were into full swing: The weekend was jam packed with archery, climbing, dance classes, horse yoga, whitewater rafting, mala workshops, smoothie workshops and, of course, yoga. There truly was something for everyone. Each evening was capped off with music, craft beer and a campfire.


As a photographer at an event of this scale and diversity, I was faced with some interesting challenges. There was a lot of running around since the different events were all over the massive camp property. Photographing white water rafting requires a different skill set than photographing yoga or dance. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the chance to photograph so many awesome activities in such a short period of time. The Visual Story Telling team consisted of myself and lovely girl named Des as photographers and Adam, a videographer from Vancouver. You can see some of our work on the Camp Yoga, LululemonYEG and LululemonYYC instagram feeds. If you want to see more of what I shot, keep scrolling 🙂


My home for the weekend


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