KCountry: Snow and Gold

Autumn has hit hard here in Kananaskis; it seems to have come out of nowhere and swept over the valley like wildfire. Barely 2 weeks ago, everything was green and now, the leaves are definitely at their peak for fall colour: The entire valley glows gold in the autumn sunshine.

Except this morning. This morning everything was white. I knew it had snowed the minute I woke up. There is a certain kind of hushed silence that falls over the world after a fresh snow and the sunlight almost seems to change in quality.

Today was definitely the most beautiful day I have experienced in a long time, and I spent several hours of this afternoon/evening out photographing.


2 thoughts on “KCountry: Snow and Gold

  1. KCountry is a wonderful place to visit, recreate, photograph, hike, camp and bike. Love the photos of the area. The last time we were leaving there were 2 grizzly bears taking a road kill off the road. A place to really get back to nature and remember you are a visitor to their land.


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