Combining Passions

Some people find it hard to balance work with what they love, but I am pretty lucky in that I love what I do and am finding ways to combine my passions. I have recently been working on putting together my professional photography portfolio and was looking through what I have shot over the last year and breaking it down into categories and unsurprisingly, I have photographed a lot of firefighting (training days and courses, etc). Obviously I am not photographing when out on calls, but a lot of what we do, even in training is pretty spectacular. I am also moving into photographing more rescue academy training (stay tuned to see what September brings ūüėČ ) and would love to keep the momentum rolling by lining up some photography work with different departments.

Do you, or someone you know, work on a fire department that would like to have some photos done? Photos taken will be shared with the department for use on their website, social media, or however they like. 

Send me a message on the bottom of this post to chat about photography opportunities with your department!

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