Monday Morning Only Sucks If You Let It

When most people (myself included some weeks…) think of Monday morning, they are thinking of it grudgingly, and they are definitely not dreaming about setting their alarms a couple hours early in order to squeeze in an early morning paddle.


This morning, the gold aspen were starting to make an appearance

But I am here to tell you that that is exactly what you should do. You don’t paddle? No problem! Get up a bit early and go for a walk, or a run or a bike ride. Get outside, get yourself a little bit of pre-workweek serenity.


My friend Jenn introduced me to an every changing group of people who meet up in Canmore dark and early almost every Monday morning; they meet up at Rocky Mountain Bagel around 6:30am-7:00am, grab coffee and bagels and then head out to the Canmore Resevoir to stand up paddleboard.

I have made it out for a handful of Monday morning paddles, and each one leaves me feeling happy, relaxed and ready to take on the week. The water is always stunningly calm, the views are fantastic and everything is made better by the fact that the rest of the world is still asleep.There is just something so special about getting to experience such a magical moment, all because you got up that much earlier than everyone else.


I need to make a point of doing this more often; it can be a struggle to drag my butt out of a warm cozy bed (that snooze button is awfully tempting!) but it is so worth it in the end.

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