Getting High In Canmore

Hah! Bet I got your attention there… No, I am not talking about substance use or abuse, I am talking about something WAY more fun.


If you know me, you know I love flying (click here to see my last flight experience) and last Thursday, September 1st, I had the opportunity to fly with Alpine Helicopters out of Canmore. While I have worked on some of the same rescue calls as Alpine in the back country of Kananaskis, I have never had the chance to personally fly over the Kananaskis/Canmore area so I was pretty excited to finally get to go!



Spray Lake from Above



You can see Ha Ling and the 742 highway in this photo from above.


The Bow Valley from above



This ridge line is just begging to be hiked…

It was pretty incredible to everything from so far above, and to feel the changing air currents around the different mountain ranges. There were a couple good bumps, but the ride was absolutely spectacular.

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