Rock Glacier, Kananaskis

Not going to lie, I drove past this at least a half a dozen times before finally pulling over on the highway.  Rock Glacier, from the road, looks like a giant pile of rocks. Which is pretty much accurate, because it is in fact, a giant pile of rocks.

But beyond that, this giant pile of rock is actually a deteriorating face of Mount Rae; time, along with wind and water have eroded the rock face, causing pieces to break off and pile up. It is home to many beautiful alpine plants, flowers in miniature, along with lots of Picas. A Pica is a member of the rodent family, more closely related to a rabbit than a mouse, despite its mouse-like ears.

Rock Glacier is a neat spot to stop for a few minutes, wander the super short interpretive trail (seriously, it will take 10 minutes tops to walk) and to admire all the tiny wildflowers while feeling that picas are watching you from all around (their ‘eek’ is a very distinctive sound). I now stop in at this spot every couple of months (when the road is open) to check out the wildflowers and be taunted by Picas.13901381_10210278538269582_225001863872050541_nCHE_0008


This Pica taunted me with its ‘eeks’ for a solid 5 minutes before I spotted it in the pile of scree.



A dwarf-sized fireweed

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