My New Favorite Jeans

When it comes to jeans, I am picky. I don’t want teeny-bopper jeans, and I don’t want mom jeans. I want pants that make my butt look good (isn’t that always the goal?), have some stretch to them and feel good on. I am pretty active/busy and I need all my gear, clothing included, to be versatile. I want pants that I can wear to wander downtown Canmore shopping, but I want to be able to stop and hike into somewhere to get the perfect photo. If these pants can also be worn out to a nice dinner or a bar for drinks, then even better! I have hiking pants for hiking, but I still want to not be held back on a spur of the moment decision because of my jeans.

When it comes to wearing jeans in the summer, usually, I would say ‘Gross!’ There is nothing worse then pulling up jeans on sweaty, sticky, humid days. But recently, I found a pair of jeans that have made my life better. That might sound a bit melodramatic, but in all seriousness, they are freaking amazing. These pants are comfy, stretchy, moisture wicking, cooling, and STAY UP.When I wear them, I’m not constantly pulling my pants up on days where I forget a belt.

So these magical pants, where do they come from? Well they can now be found at MEC, but I originally heard about DISH and Duermanufacturer of these amazing jeans, from my boss. He is a pretty fashion forward guy, but also an outdoors professional, so he has a high standard for pants. When I had the chance to try out a pair myself, I jumped at it (and into the pants!).


I have only worn mine a couple of times, but they feel incredible on and its as comfy as wearing a pair of full stretch hiking pants, but they look a heck of a lot better in the city. I wore mine kicking around Kananaskis, for a quick hike to a nearby waterfall and then out for beer, and they were fantastic. I personally own the ‘Straight and Narrow’ cut and I find them incredibly comfortable. The wash is a great classic indigo colour and the rear pockets are classic and flattering.

I will definitely be doing more adventuring in these pants and will be trying on other styles and washes to get another pair. Or two…

I didn’t snap any pictures of me wearing them; there is just something about trying to photograph your own butt/bottom half that just doesn’t work out well… But check out the companies website to see the different styles they offer! This is a Canadian based company (head office is in Vancouver!) that ethically manufactures their product. That, along with the fact they they are technical jeans, is definitely something I can get behind. Or into. You know, pants and all 😉

Our philosophy is the opposite of fast fashion. We believe that creating long lasting garments promotes sustainability by preventing the amount of waste that enters our landfills. We design and produce our garments with extra attention to quality and longevity, so you can take home better products and buy fewer things.

– Dish and Duer Website

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