Welcome to Cowboy Country

I started horseback riding when I was about 4 years old; I show jumped, rode dressage and finally switched to western when I was a teenager. I have ridden for the majority of my life, but unfortunately I have been so busy over the last few years, that I haven’t been able to ride. Before today, I hadn’t been on a horse since I moved to Alberta, which is a little embarrassing considering that Alberta is Cowboy Country, and I live 5 minutes away from a ranch…

So today was the day to get back on a horse. Where did I choose to go? Boundary ranch, in KCountry. The ranch is just a few minutes from my house and is a beautiful property. Walking up the path, you can see why they host so many weddings here.


I was hoping that riding a horse would be like riding a bike and it really was. I put my foot into the stirrup (I had forgotten how high it seems!) and bounced gently (and gracefully in my mind, I don’t want to hear the reality from someone who was watching 😉 ) onto my horses back. Western saddles have always seemed like a lazy boy chair to me, versus the jumping saddles I used to ride in, and I felt myself relax into the worn leather. The reins fit easily into my right hand, fed through my fingers, thumbs on top. Heels down, toes forward, elbows in, chin up left handing resting on my leg. Being on a horse was definitely like riding a bike, muscle memory is a great thing.


The horses are saddled and waiting upon arrival.


It was so good to be back in the saddle, not to mention those views!

I did the two hour ridge ride, and I would highly recommend it! The views were absolutely breathtaking.



Mt Kidd from the Ridge


Our guide pointed out the local peaks and told us their names

Looking to experience a real trail ride, through beautiful forest with breathtaking panoramic views? Then give Boundary Ranch a call. The people are great, and the location is by far the best in the Rockies. For more info, check out their website: http://boundaryranch.com/

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