The Nightsky

I have always loved the stars.

I have never lived in a city, so I have always been able to walk outside my home and stargaze. I love that you can watch the stars move, that the constellations shift and that the skies are different from night to night. I love laying outside in the grass and watching for meteor showers and I love bundling up on cold nights to photograph the crystal clear skies and always cross my fingers for a glimpse of the northern lights.

It is only in recent years that I have started photographing the stars and the aurora, but it has made me fall all the more in love with the night sky. One of my favourite parts of winter are the long nights, and clear cold skies. In the winter, I can see the northern lights almost every single nights, and I miss them throughout the summer, when it is much more difficult to glimpse them in the brief hours of actual darkness.

The other night, I was incredibly lucky and got to photograph the aurora AND the milky way. If I faced north, the aurora was vivid on the horizon and by just turning around 180 degrees, the milky way stretched overhead. These moments always leave me feeling tiny and yet part of something so very huge.

Here are my two favourite photos from that night:


Please note that these are the low-res images;

High res images will be available for sale on my etsy page soon!

One thought on “The Nightsky

  1. Incredible photos! I too have a love for stars.💫💛 I wrote about it on my blog too (Post is called “Always Looking Up.”) I am inspired by your bio & blog….and the fact that you’re a fellow Canadian!💃🎉 I look forward to your blog and all your outdoor adventures.


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