Summer Solstice Hike On Wasootch Ridge

Wasootch Ridge is one of my favorite hikes in Kananaskis; you get most of the elevation gain over in the first kilometer and the views are spectacular. I wanted to take advantage of yesterday being the longest day of the year, so after work I threw on my hiking boots and hit the trail.

The ridge itself isn’t an official trail, so you won’t find it on a trail map; however the start of the trail is easy to find. The trail starts at the Wasootch Creek trail head (great rock climbing from here!). If you are in the parking lot, there are a number of picnic tables under the trees and the trail for the ridge starts just behind the picnic tables. It is super obvious once you are on it and it is easy to follow.


One thought on “Summer Solstice Hike On Wasootch Ridge

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