Things to Do: The Vancouver Aquarium

 Visiting the Vancouver Aquarium is a truly enchanting underwater experience. I have visited several times, and each time seems better than the last. On my last visit, I started to really notice how much other people were loving the aquarium. So on this trip, I got back to my photojournalism roots and started photographing the people and how they were interacting with the displays.


^This statue of a stylized Haida orca is out front of the Aquarium in Stanley Park


^The aquarium has an incredible new sting ray display where visitors get to reach out and touch the rays.


The Jellyfish tank was mesmerizing; people of all ages stopped to gaze, hypnotized by the gently undulating jellies, but this kid really captured the vibe.


While gazing at this tank, kids came rushing up talking about how they could see ‘Nemo’s’and ‘Dori’s’


The Belugas put on an amazing show, visible from above ground and also from underground.


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