Cathedral Grove

If you ever want to realize just how tiny you are, all it takes is a visit to Cathedral Grove.

Cathedral Grove is a truly magical place; this forest, in the heart of MacMillan Provincial Park is home to a grove of  giant Douglas Fir and Cedar trees. The ground is covered in beautiful, feathery ferns and everything is coated in a thick layer of moss and lichen.

When you enter the grove, a curtain of hushed silence seems to fall over the world. The noise from the nearby highway seems to fade away and you are able to wander in peace and awe beneath the towering trees. CHE_4415CHE_435313346808_10209740785266093_6813384011894432855_n13346940_10209740787146140_342546111576388269_n13427956_10209740786426122_7806810625020852878_n13428503_10209740786106114_6077147238127230446_nIMG_3829IMG_3851IMG_3867IMG_3873IMG_3877IMG_3885IMG_3887

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