Vancouver Island Vacation – Part 2

Last night was quite the night! I camped at Osbourne Bay Resort in Crofton and lucked out on an oceanside campsite. I was a little bit in awe as I set up my tent, I was no more than 40 feet from the water. The only downside to the campsite was the lack of trees or greenery, so there wasnt a whole lot of privacy. I am very much a backcountry camper and have never camped in an RV park before; it was also pretty obvious the RV campers weren’t used to seeing a tent in the park. Three older gentlemen lounging under the awning of their RV on the next site over saw me pull out my tent and promptly started laughing. They even called over and jokingly asked if I would mind if they watched me struggle. I think I disappointed them when I had the tent up in about a minute with zero struggle.


After setting up camp, I walked the short distance to the beach. I love beachcombing and have ever since I was a kid on the shore of Lake Ontario. The ocean is obviously much better for beachcombing than freshwater lakes. The abundance of shells on this beautiful beach blew me away.


As I wandered up the beach, I started to realize that there were things moving on the sand…

Upon closer inspection, I realized the beach was crawling with little crabs! They were pretty cute for crustaceans 😉


Off and on, as I walked the shoreline, I would hear a weird barking noise from somewhere out in the water. It took me a couple of minutes to realize it was a sea lion! Once I knew what I was hearing, I stopped looking at the shells and crabs and started scanning the water. There was nothing visible for the longest time, but then suddenly I saw a dark head pop up! It was up just for a second before it disappeared, but it came back! The sea lion swam a couple circles right by the shoreline, playfully bobbing in the water. I sat and watched the sea lion swim as the sun set. Once the sea lion disappeared from sight, I headed back to my campsite.


That evening was spent sitting around a wonderful campfire with friends from the island. The stars were incredible: the milky way was visible, I saw a shooting star and the International Space Station slowly crossed the sky as we watched.


When it was time to call it a night, I crawled into my sleeping bag and fell asleep to the gentle sound of the ocean lapping at the beach and the barking of sea lions in the distance.


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