What does a guide do for a vacation?

I know that my day to day life seems like a vacation to most (and to me too a lot of the time!) so what do I do when I go on actual vacation?


Well here is a hint!image


i am headed out for a couple of weeks on Vancouver Island! I am pretty excited for a couple weeks of surfing, hiking, paddling and camping. I have some new gear to test and some new things to try (wish me luck surfing!).  There will be lots of posts to come about the trip. I apologize for not posting recently, I live in the middle of the woods and haven’t had internet to upload what I’ve written. I am writing this from my phone and that kinda sucks… But I don’t want to complain, just letting everyone know why there hasn’t been a post recently. I’ll get all my recently written stuff posted as soon as I get my laptop on wifi.

More soon!

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