Gear Review: Keen Uneek Sandals

I have lived in Keens forever. My first pair of hiking boots were keens and I have been wearing Keen Newports for as long as I have been canoeing. I have always loved the quality of Keen footwear, as well as the fact that it all looks great. I have big feet (size 10 womens) so I have always been pretty cautious about what I put on my feet because I really don’t want them to look any bigger than they already are. I also work jobs where being on my feet is critical and blisters or sore feet would be detrimental.

I love my Keen Newports (you know, the classic canoeing sandal with a hard toe that makes them great for hiking and saving your toes from encountering hard objects) but they can be heavy and not the prettiest for wearing off-trail.

Let me introduce you to my new favorite light summer shoe:


The Keen Uneek. These sandals are very different looking, but I have to say I love them. They are two pieces of paracord and a sole. End of story. They are incredibly light weight, but the foot bed is super supportive and comfortable. I started out just wearing them around casually, but have since started doing light hiking in them. They are the perfect all around summer shoe for non-technical wear. Since I got these, I get complimented on them every time I wear them (I also get a lot of people who want to touch them and tell me how odd they are). In my opinion, they are super photogenic and make a great ‘I was here’ photo since they are such a distinctive shoe.13092489_258354097850109_682641639_n

For example, I snapped this from the lookout over Banff on the way up to Norquay. I needed something to put everything into perspective, and my feet were about all I had. The day that I took this, I was touring friends around Banff on their first ever visit. It was a long day of walking and exploring (and also one of the hottest days of the year so far!) so these sandals were the perfect shoe for the job. They also make it super easy to stick your feet in a stream or lake to cool down without the effort of peeling off shoes and putting socks back onto wet feet.


I am definitely looking forwards to lots of adventures in these adorable, funky shoes! Watch for my feet in my photos 😉


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