The Calgary Firefighter Stairclimb

So as a lot of you know, on Sunday, May 1st, my team and I participated in the Calgary Firefighter Stairclimb. The climb was a fundraiser for Wellspring Calgary and involved over 300 firefighters running up the Bow Tower (1204 steps!!!) in full bunker gear.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and update my followers on the how the stairclimb went.

I am so incredibly proud of my team. Look at us. Look at those smiling faces.13100812_1575789782718395_3165533962216552659_n

And this picture was taken post-climb. That shows you what the people on my team are made of. We kicked butt. All of us successfully completed the climb and we were overall the second highest fundraising team for the event.

So what does it feel like to climb over 800m straight up with 60lbs of gear on in a greenhouse of a stairwell? It felt hot. Really, really hot. The heat was definitely the biggest challenge. As one volunteer so kindly pointed out to me, it got a degree hotter for every floor we climbed.


This was me on floor #26, just under half way. At this point. Yup, I was as sweaty as I look.

You know whats harder than handling the heat and the stairs? Fighting cancer or losing someone to cancer. It is almost one year ago to the day since I lost my grandmother to cancer. I dedicated my climb to her, and carried a photo of her (chosen by my grandfather) in my bunker gear pocket.


All in all, the stairclimb was an incredible experience, and I am already looking forward to doing it again next year! Thank you to everyone who supported my through donations or emotionally; I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

On a side note, I was blown away by the support and love we got from the members of our fire family who weren’t competing; one of the captains, Martin, from our hall came out and volunteered with his family. Hitting the 47th floor and seeing a familiar and friendly face cheering us on was awesome! Also a big thanks to Rob for bringing your lovely wife and children who cheered us on and to my cousin Breanne for coming out with your friends to be waiting for me when I got back to the ground. You guys are what keep us going.

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