Spring Paddling

With all this gorgeous warm weather and sunshine, the lakes and rivers around Kananaskis have been opening up and I havent been able to resist getting out on the water. I have already been out paddling three times this season with plans to go out again this weekend. So where have I been paddling? My favourite open spots so far are at the Seebe Dam, in Exshaw and the Resevoir below Ha Ling in Canmore.

Check out the pictures below to see the best of spring paddling so far!

My favourite photo by far is this one:


But I also love these:


I often get asked ‘Any special gear for spring paddling?’

And honestly in the mountains, no. The water doesn’t change temperature a whole lot from summer to winter. The water is cold. You also should just always be prepared with smart layers. Depending on my likelihood of going for a swim, I wear a wetsuite or drysuit as well as an insulation layer over top and a shell if its windy. I have a pair of 3mm neoprene coldwater gloves from MEC that are perfect for Rocky Mountain water year round. And when its a little chillier, I love to bring a coffee or tea with me and my one-handed Stanley travel mug is perfect (my kayak even has a cupholder!). My go-to insulation layer this year has been my Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody. I lived in it all winter long and it has turned out to be a great spring paddling piece as well. Its cozy, warm, breathable and stretchy: what more can you ask for?

Stay tuned for more paddling pictures coming soon!




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