Peak A Week Fitness Challenge


As many of my followers know, I am participating in the Calgary Firefighter Stairclimb on May 1st, 2016. The challenge is to climb the Bow Tower in full firefighting gear. That means over 60lbs of gear to run over 1200 steps. I have been training for quite some time now, but as the weather is getting to be so nice I am taking my training outside.

This is where my ‘Peak a Week’ challenge comes in. I figure I can either run on an inclined treadmill/elliptical or I can climb mountains. Anyone who knows me, knows what my decision would be. Mountains. Every time.

So every week until May I will be doing a hike with some serious elevation gain. I might not be able to hit the summit of a mountain every week (due to time or weather), but I want to commit to a hike that is going to get me to a higher elevation and at least a little bit winded.

Stay tuned for my weekly updates and pictures 🙂 Thanks to everyones support in this crazy endeavor that is the Stairclimb. To learn more about Wellspring Calgary, the charity hosting and organizing the climb, or to make a donation, please click here

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